Prospectare Brasil: organizer of success events, of Defence and Security

The Events Division of Prospectare Brasil acts in the organization, promotion and commercialization of congresses, courses, exhibitions and fairs, in the Defense and Public Security segment. Participants use these events to demonstrate their products, make new business, build deeper relationships with their customers, and identify new business and growth opportunities. For this purpose, Prospectare Brasil organizes:


In its 8th edition, it is one of the most important Defence and Security events of Latin America, presenting a varied schedule to meet the growing public of participants and guests. CSTM covers Defence and Security technology applied to the military and civilian sectors.

The event offers the opportunity to participate in discussion forums in which nationally and internationally renowned experts are present, workshops and brings together solutions providers from Brazil and abroad that expose their latest products, solutions and technologies.


An event focused on the discussions and exhibition of products and solutions for Defence and Cyber Security, Communications and Electronic Warfare.

The event was designed to promote the debate of Defence and Security issues between the Armed Forces and Public Security, industry sectors, academia, public and private institutions, society and the Brazilian government, as well as generating business. Its objective is to sensitize Brazilian society and the country's public administration on the importance of cyber defence, cyber security, communications and electronic warfare.


AMAZONLOG is a multinational interagency logistics exercise designed to train military troops, police forces, and government agencies to support civilian and military personnel employed in remote and disaffected areas, as typically occurs in Peace Operations and Humanitarian Aid.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity of interaction with the military forces and agencies, the exhibiting companies are present during the logistic exercise to present and test their products in real employment situation, so as to check their capacities and detect possible improvements to make the user-company interaction.


It is a unique event held in the Amazon region to discuss issues related to Defence and Security and the sustainable development of the Amazon. It has a comprehensive agenda that includes lectures by experts from Brazil and abroad in military operations in the jungle environment, government institutions and universities. It brings together manufacturers and suppliers of technologies and services aimed at the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Forces, Special Forces, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Business Security Managers.


JUNE 24 - 27, 2019