Brasilia is amazing, and it was intended that way. Since its inauguration the city has been amazing the world with its unique beauty

Much more than the Capital of Brazil, Brasilia is a unique city. You will fall in love with the contrast between its gray, curved architecture and its colorful ipe trees scattered throughout the city. Meet the headquarters of governmental power and discover the options of leisure and gastronomy, where all the cultures of Brazil meet in one place.


The attractions and touristic sights allow to experience Brasilia as a World Cultural Heritage, with a visit to the most representative works of modern architecture, urbanism and landscaping.

Brasilia is considered an open air museum. The striking urbanism of Lucio Costa, the fascinating architecture of Oscar Niemeyer and other great architects, the inspiring landscaping of Burle Marx, Athos Bulcão’s brilliant visual art and the valuable works of renowned plastic artists give the Federal Capital attributes worthy of the first modern city to be recognized by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The cuisine also stands out in the city. Brasilia is now the 3rd gastronomic center in Brazil and has a worthy gastronomic diversity of the capital and is home to people from all over Brazil and the world. The city offers options for different tastes and budgets. Typical regional, national, international food and the most exquisite and original recipes from the Midwest are appreciated in the various restaurants in town.


Brasilia is an international cultural reference and destination with rich cultural options. The capital has theaters, cinemas, cultural centers, museums and various annual events.

Brasilia stands out for the excellent quality of life offered to its residents. The city is rich in parks and has one of the highest green area indices by inhabitants in the country. Enjoy the beauty of the cerrado, the waterfalls, the parks, the sunrise and the sunset, the native trees of the cerrado, ipe trees, flamboyants and the landscaping projects throughout the city.

If you prefer sports, make use of Lake Paranoa to experience sports like SUP, wakesurf, canoeing, kite surfing or even swimming. The shore of Lake Paranoá is also a great leisure option, with bars, restaurants and piers arranged along its 48 km². And of course, contemplate the sky of Brasilia, which has already served as inspiration for poetry, music, painting and photography.


JUNE 24 - 27, 2019